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Wien Med Wochenschr. 1993 ; 143(12): 329-32.

[Eating behavior of patients with metabolic diseases and metabolically healthy probands in Austria. Results of a questionnaire survey at the Graz Autumn Fair 1991]

Schumacher M, Eber B, Schallmoser K, Toplak H, Zweiker R, Lindschinger M, Sommer K, Klein W.

Abteilung für Kardiologie, Medizinischen Klinik, Karl-Franzens-Universität, Graz.

Malnutrition as the cause of developing atherosclerosis is undoubtedly of major importance. For that reason, proper nutrition and eating habits among the population is of specific significance in preventive medicine. In order to establish a more pronounced food consciousness among the population of Styria, a questionnaire was issued to 1.354 persons attending the Graz Autumn Fair in 1991. The results showed above all that approximately 40% of the subjects investigated presented a disease due to malnutrition and metabolic disorder, mainly hyperlipidemia. The choice of various foods varied according to male and female tastes; roasted pork was more often a men's favourite dish (p < 0.001) while women had a prediction for vegetarian food (p < 0.001). There was, however, no difference in the choice of eating habits in persons with or without metabolic disorders. Thus, women in general do pursue a healthier consciousness was not so pronounced in man. Yet, it could not be established by means of the questionnaire that subjects with metabolic disorders showed different eating habits with respect to their disease.

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