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June 2024

Biull Eksp Biol Med. 1993 Sep; 116(9): 263-5.

[The electrical activity of the hypothalamus in exposure to millimeter-wave radiation at biologically active points]

Khramov RN, Karpuk NI, Vorob'ev VV, Gal'chenko AA, KosarskiÄ­ LS.

In chronic experiments on awake rabbits, the exposure of the auricular "heart" point (after F. G. Portnov) by nonthermal local millimeter wave irradiation (55-76 GHz range) yielded a significant suppression of hypothalamic electrical activity at 5 and 16 Hz and enhancement at 7-8, 12 and 26 Hz. The exposure of the cranial acupoint (TR-20) (the "hypothalamus" point after R. Voll) gave similar though less prominent results at 7-8 and 12 Hz. Minimal changes in electrogram were observed when the acupoint of "longevity" (E-36) was exposed.

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