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Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 1993 ; 18(2): 149-53, 148.

[The difference in the time for the appearance of acupuncture effects between the subjects with and without PSM during acupuncture of neiguan]

You Z, Hu X, Wu B, Zhang W, Liang D.

Fujian Institute of TCM Fuzhou, People's Hospital, Fujian College of TCM Fuzhou.

It has been reported that ECG of the patients of coronary heart disease with PSM got marked improvement when Neiguan (PC6) was punctured, in comparison with the patients without propagated sensation along meridians (PSM). The difference between the two was significant. However some others reported that the acupuncture effects between the two had no striking difference. Authors detected that during acupuncture of Neiguan the change of ECG of the patients showed dynamic character and some patients without PSM were also marked as the duration of acupuncture was prolonged. For this reason, this paper was aimed to observe whether any difference appeared in the development of acupuncture effects between the patients with and without PSM. One hundred and seventy cases of patients with coronary heart disease were observed, of which 86 were male and 84 female, aged 35-83 years. Varying degree of PSM appeared in 80 of them, but not in the remaining 90. ECG was recorded with polygraph (model SJ-42) before acupuncture. Then the Neiguan acupoint of the left forearm was punctured by slow twisting for 5 minutes and the feature of PSM was carefully observed. Another recording of ECG was taken after retaining needle for 10 minutes. Retaining needle lasted for 30 minutes in a part of the patients and the needle was manipulated every 16 minutes in order to keep the needling sensation.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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