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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1980

Ethnomedical beliefs and patient adherence to a treatment regimen: a St. Lucian example.
Chiropractors crack the practice barrier...
Holistic medicine.
Stress and holistic medicine.
Ethnicity and clinical care: American blacks.
Folk medicine or physicians? What happens when Appalachia goes urban?
Antiquarian antisepsis.
Important psychocultural factors in the delivery of mental health services to lower-class Puerto Rican clients: a review of recent studies.
Ethical considerations encountered in a study of acupuncture--a reappraisal.
Popularisierungstendenzen in der mittelalterlichen Fachliteratur.
Homöopathische Fernbehandlung durch Samuel Hahnemann.
Chinese folk medicine: a study of the Shan-hai Ching.
Bella Coola: Indian and European medicines.
Chemehuevi shamanism, sorcery, and charms.
A possible shamans's cache from CA-RIV-102, Hemet, California.
Homeopathy in the Lehigh Valley, 1881-1920.
Powwowing: folk medicine or white magic?
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Structure and complexity of medicine bundle systems of selected Plains Indian tribes.
The changing practice of the Oglala medicine man.
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The Allentown Academy: America's first German medical school.
Amish attitudes and treatment of illness.
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The use of hallucinogens and the shamanistic tradition of the Finno-Ugrian people.
The poetics of healing: root metaphors and rituals in nineteenth-century America.
"The roses so red and the lilies so fair": southern folk cemeteries in Texas.
Unofficial healing in Ulster.
At a children's hospital; a folklore survey.
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Dr. Carl Frank Fischer M.D.: an early Auckland physician, botanist and viticulturalist.
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Health services and the family planning component.
Sotho fertility symbolism.
Traditional medicine in East Africa: the search for a synthesis.
China's revolution in health.
Plants used by the Bhat community for regulating fertility.
Suspected chronic osteomyelitis secondary to acupuncture treatment: a case report.
Drug oxidation in Asian vegetarians.
Pneumothorax caused by acupuncture.
The effect of acupuncture scientifically studies
The medicine of self-healing.
Neurohumoral mechanisms of acupuncture therapy of allergic diseases in children (a review of the literature)
Opiate receptors and endorphins: their role in anesthesiology.
Increased beta-endorphin but not met-enkephalin levels in human cerebrospinal fluid after acupuncture for recurrent pain.
Incidence and mortality on snake bite in savanna Nigeria.
beta-Endorphin and electroacupuncture.
Perinatal care by traditional healer-midwives of Nigeria.
A complication of a traditional puerperal practice in Nigeria.
Central neurotransmitters and acupuncture analgesia.
Clinical experience and mechanism of acupuncture and electrical stimulation (AES) in the treatment of drug abuse.
Evaluation and management of allergy to local anesthesia.
Clinical study comparing acupuncture, physiotherapy, injection, and oral anti-inflammatory therapy in shoulder-cuff lesions.
Effect of acupuncture analgesia on external respiratory function and the blood catecholamine level in children in the postoperative period
Control of pain in advanced tumors
Neurophysiological interpretation of acupuncture analgesia.
Treatment of primary liver cancer -- with special reference to the east part of China.
Possible role of biologically active points in trophic neurohumoral regulation
Thomsonians: the people's doctors.
Influence of acupuncture and electroacupuncture on heart rate and extrasystoles (author's transl)
Pain: its physiology and rationale for management. Part III. Consequences of current concepts of pain mechanisms related to pain management.
Pain, enkephalin and acupuncture.
Voodoo--myth or mental illness?
Electroacupuncture elevates blood cortisol levels in naive horses; sham treatment has no effect.
Zinc and dietary fibre: observations on a group of vegetarian adolescents.
Cortical mechanisms of modulating the sensation of pain
Therapeutic use of natural anthraquinone for other than laxative actions.
Acupuncture enhanced dorsal root antidromic activity.
Observations of a western psychiatrist on medical care for Cambodians
Electroacupuncture analgesia is mediated by stereospecific opiate receptors and is reversed by antagonists of type I receptors.
Formal medicine/paramedicine. Is a synthesis possible?
The issue of structured coexistence of scientific and alternative medical systems: a comparison of East and West German legislation.
Reflex therapy of vertebrogenic radicular pain syndromes
Effect of electro-acupuncture on behavioral responses and plasma levels of ACTH and TSH in naloxone-induced morphine withdrawal in rats.
Alterations in zinc absorption and salivary sediment zinc after a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet.
Endorphins--morphine-like peptides of brain.
Central mechanisms controlling pain sensitivity
Etiopathogenesis of colorectal carcinomas
Alternative medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine
What is homeopathy?
A nurse at the 4th World Congress of Natural Medicine, Geneva 29 to 31 May 1980. Current fashion of new roads?
Fraud in medicine from the viewpoint of the jurist
Paramedicine (author's transl)
Business with "God's Pharmacy"
Unusual career of plant fiber in human pathology (author's transl)
Endorphins and acupuncture analgesia.
Metabolic epidemiology of large bowel cancer. Fecal mutagens in high- and low-risk population for colon cancer. A preliminary report.
Magic in human thought. Its effect on medicine
A nurse's experience in Rwanda: interaction between traditional and western medicine
The flight from science.
Bilateral pneumothorax after acupuncture.
Morphohistochemical aspects of post-phlebitic ulcers of the lower extremities in treatment with electroacupuncture
Nutritional concerns during adolescence.
Status of reflexotherapy service in the RSFSR
Dry needling of muscle motor points for chronic low-back pain: a randomized clinical trial with long-term follow-up.
The acupuncture treatment of low back pain: a randomized controlled study.
Plantain leaf for poison ivy.
Natural rigaidity of the horse's backbone.
Remarks concerning api-phytotherapy in ophthalmology
Acupoint selection in subtotal gastrectomy based on manifestations during operation and theory of "collaterals" and "channels" (author's transl)
Functional cardiovascular changes during subtotal gastrectomy under acupuncture anesthesia (author's transl)
History of the folk medicine of Kabardino-Balkaria
Medicine men (traditional medical practitioners) in primary health care and the role of traditional medicine towards modern medicine.
Ice massage and transcutaneous electrical stimulation: comparison of treatment for low-back pain.
Innovation in electroencephalography--the use of acupuncture needles as sphenoidal electrodes, an analysis of clinical application in 640 cases (author's transl)
Rosemary as a medicinal plant and wonder-drug. A report on the medieval drug monographs
Alexader Tatarinov (1817-1896) - Russian physician and sinologist. A biobibliographic sketch
Variation of sympathetic activity and prostaglandin E level under acupuncture anesthesia (author's transl)
The changes of pain-producing substances under acupuncture anesthesia (author's transl)
Effect of electro-acupuncture analgesia on the transport of tryptophan and tyrosine from plasma into brain (author's transl)
Hermilio Valdizán, comparative psychiatry and folk medicine
The surgery of sea warfare from the galley to the nuclear age.
The management of dental pain: a review of possible alternatives to drug therapy.
Long-term clearance of [57Co]cyanocobalamin in vegans and pernicious anaemia.
Effect of diet and Lactobacillus acidophilus supplements on human fecal bacterial enzymes.
Interaction in thalamus of afferent impulses from acupuncture point and site of pain.
Clinical analysis of 1,000 cases of cesarean section under acupuncture anesthesia.
Successful treatment of sleep apnea syndrome by transfusion of "vital energy".
Clinical studies on acupuncture anesthesia in lung resection.
Multifactorial therapy of chest pain in medical practice
Hepatitis epidemiology 1977 to 1979
The chiropractor's role in industry.
Traumatic pseudoaneurysm of ascending cervical artery in neurofibromatosis: complication of chiropractic manipulation.
Acupuncture anesthesia in neurosurgery.
Oculocardiac reflex during ocular muscle operation under acupuncture anesthesia: A comparison between electrocardiograms of two groups of 30 cases each with local and acupuncture anesthesia (author's transl)
Serum lipids, biliary lipid composition, and bile acid metabolism in vegetarians as compared to normal controls.
A double blind controlled trial of Bencard house dust mite (Migen) hyposensitisation in Zambian asthmatics.
A double blind controlled trial of Bencard house dust mite (Migen) hyposensitisation in Zambian asthmatics.
The role of Chinese traditional medical practice as a form of health care in Singapore. I. Preliminary study.
Nutritional consequences of low dose milk supplements consumed by lactose-malabsorbing children.
A study of the medical ethnobotany of the Zuni Indians of New Mexico.
Are vegetarians all nuts?
Indian medicine in rural community.
Alien medicine from Asia.
Health care for the Hispanic patient.
Vegetarianism - food faddism or nutritious alternative.
The vegetarian diet: animal, vegetable, mineral.
Anesthesia in labor
How adequate are vegan diets for children?
Legends, facts, hypotheses: the drug may be everything
Conversation with a Navajo nurse.
Is "natural" always healthy?
Phytotherapy in dermatology
Work organization of the paramedical personnel in reflexotherapy offices
An OR nurse in the African bush.
The new emphasis on traditional medicine in Zaïre--implications for nursing practice.
International Cancer Nursing Conference, 5. The power of the folk healer.
Voluntary, developing countries' nurse in a bush hospital in Zambia: patients come to us after they have visited the medicine man
Indigenous treatment of eye-complications: as reported by the villagers of a rural area.
Traditional herbal practices and motherhood.
Manipulative medicine.
Back to it.
Pain and acupuncture.
Effective conditions of electroacupuncture stimulation for suppressing tooth pulp-evoked jaw-opening reflex in the rat.
Antagonism of acupuncture analgesia by naloxone in unconscious man.
Pseudobattering of Vietnamese children (cao gio).
On the mechanism of needle-suction in acupuncture.
Fundamentals of acupuncture and its dental indications
Holistic medicine: useful knowledge in clinical practice (1)
Holistic medicine: useful knowledge in clinical practice (2)
Holistic medicine; is all holistic medicine whole?
Psionic medicine in dentistry.
Acupuncture in endodontics.
Electro-focal diagnosis--reality or hypothesis?
Use of heat puncture in treating neuritis and neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve
Prevention of dental caries by acupuncture.
Principles of causal therapy by acupuncture in dentistry
Personal reflections on dental care and health services in the Peoples Republic of China.
Facial spasm treated with acupuncture on facial nerve trunk (report of 61 cases) (author's transl)
Difference in effects of electro-acupuncture and morphine on thalamic-evoked responses in ventrobasal complex and the posterior nuclear group after tooth pulp stimulation in the rat.
Basal research on the roles for acupuncture study. Experimental effect on peripheral sensory system for analgesia (author's transl)
Neurogenic facial pain.
A study of symptom patterns and of the corresponding patterns of medicine in traditional Chinese medicine: application of EDP. (9) (author's transl)
Treatment of facial spasms by acupuncture of facial nerve trunk (author's transl)
Verification of the effectiveness of acupuncture using classical medical, scientifically-proven methods
Flight from science.
Arrest of the alcoholic abstinence syndrome and of alcoholic delirium by action on the acupuncture points
Opiate peptides, analgesia, and the neuroendocrine system.
Acupuncture and electropuncture in the overall therapy of diseases in children
Action of morphine and fentanyl during the electrostimulation of biologically active points
Cortical evoked responses and transcutaneous electrotherapy.
Effect of auricular electroacupuncture on the motor manifestations of nociceptive reactions
Immunoassayable beta-endorphin level in the plasma and CSF of heroin addicted and normal subjects before and after electroacupuncture.
Effect of stimulation of antinociceptive brain zones on the analgesic effect of electroacupuncture in rats
Disappearance of the electroacupuncture effect in rabbits following destruction of the dorsomedial hypothalamus
Dynamics of the "intensity-duration" curve in lumbosacral radiculitis
Evaluation of the direct analgesic effect of ministimulators
Current methods of migraine reflexotherapy
PEP-1 multichannel electronic apparatus for electropuncture
Effect of electropuncture on the course of an experimental tuberculous infection
The chronic pain syndrome: misconceptions and management.
The holistic alternative to scientific medicine: history and analysis.
Physician preserves memories of early Indian culture.
Cupping in New York State--1978; historic review.
Acupuncture for smokers: lack of long-term therapeutic effect in a controlled study.
Phytodietetics and phytotherapy in diabetes mellitus and perspectives of their use
New Zealand inquiry into chiropractic.
Proposed method for double-blind study of reflexotherapy phenomena
Vitamin D deficiency rickets, revisited.
Development of an acupuncture method
Vegetarianism in children.
Therapeutic touch: a facilitator of pain relief.
Composition of the lipids in human milk: a review.
Autourotherapy; the water of life.
The transcendental meditation program's effect on addictive behavior.
Homoeopathic therapy in rheumatoid arthritis: evaluation by double-blind clinical therapeutic trial.
Hypnosis treatment for smoking: an evaluative review.
Folk medicine and popular attitudes toward disease in the High Alps, 1780-1870.
Bloodletting in early Chinese medicine and its relation to the origin of acupuncture.
Nostalgia: the medicine show.
Manual therapy of spinal osteochondrosis (an analytical review of the literature)
Neurophysiological and neuropharmacological studies on (possible) mechanisms of peripheral stimulation analgesia (author's transl)
History of acupuncture
Clinical study comparing acupuncture, physiotherapy, injection and oral anti-inflammatory therapy in shoulder-cuff lesions.
Influence of morphine and reserpine on the experimental effect of electrostimulation of biologically active points
Physiologic-biochemical basis of acupuncture--electrotherapy of drug dependence
Determination of organochlorine insecticide residues in herbal powders produced in 1973-1975
Non-pharmacological approaches to the treatment of high blood pressure.
Acupuncture reflexotherapy and its use in obstetrical and gynecological practice
Traditional medicine. A medicine of necessity in rural communities of North Africa
Fecal factors which modify the formation of fecal co-mutagens in high- and low-risk population for colon cancer.
Acupuncture in methadone withdrawal.
Centenary oration. Evolution of responsibilities in the care of health.
Disturbed sleep II.: Therapy of sleep disorders
Acupuncture--a method of the future with ancient origins
Venereal diseases in Chile, from the XVIth. to XVIIIth. centuries (author's transl)
Complications of reflexotherapy (review of the literature)
The neurophysiological bases of acupuncture analgesia
Doyne Memorial Lecture, 1980. The Noysome cataract.
Chronic pain: new approaches to its control.
"The amelioration of dental odor"--dentistry from an herbal book in 1602 (I)
Amelioration of tooth odor--dentistry in an herbal book in 1602 (II)
Inhibitory effect of acpuncture on the vibration-induced finger flexion reflex in man.
Controversy in medical practice: the pros and cons of treating hyperthyroidism with iodine-containing Chinese traditional herb medicine (author's transl)
Methods of reflexotherapy in the USSR
Dietary and anthropometric assessment of adult omnivores, fish-eaters, and lacto-ovo-vegetarians.
Therapeutic efficacy of chicken soup.
Electroacupuncture treatment of morphine-dependent mice reduces signs of withdrawal, without showing cross-tolerance.
Acupuncture therapy of hypogalactia
Analgesic effects of electroacupuncture upon experimental periostal and cutaneous pains. A signal detection theory analysis (author's transl)
Chestcutters of the Lagaip.
Medical pluralism in world perspective.
Medical anthropology and development: a theoretical perspective.
Medical pluralism and homoeopathy: a geographic perspective.
The layperson's perception of medicine as perspective into the utilization of multiple therapy systems in the Indian context.
Bomohs, doctors and sinsehs--medical pluralism in Malaysia.
The organization and practice of East Asian medicine in Japan: continuity and change.
The therapist-spiritist training project in Puerto Rico: an experiment to relate the traditional healing system to the public health system.
Medical pluralism on a Guatemalan plantation.
A relatively good result: Western medicine among the Guajiro Indians
Electromyographic characteristics of the effectiveness of puncture reflexotherapy in vertebral osteochondrosis with neurologic syndromes
Traditional therapies and the treatment of drug dependence in Southeast Asia.
Comparison of sodium salicylate, morphine sulfate, and acupuncture at Jen-Chung (Go-26) on the cardiovascular system of dogs.
A reliable method for locating electropermeable points on the skin surface.
Experimental studies of effects of acupuncture on enterochromaffin cells: guinea pig enterochromaffin cell count after electro-acupuncture.
Effect of acupuncture on uterine contractile activity and on the fetal functional state in pregnant animals
Use of electroacupuncture in operations on the heart
Dynamics of the body functional state in orthopedic injury patients undergoing acupuncture in the immediate postoperative period
Use of reflexotherapy for analgesia of the 1st period of labor
Induction of ornithine decarboxylase and DNA synthesis after liver injury.
Two poisoning case reports on heavy metal medicinal herb preparation (author's transl)
Dynamic observations during the course of treatment of acute perforation of peptic ulcer by integrating traditional Chinese and Western medicine (author's transl)
A case report of acupuncture anaesthesia in amputation of the knee.
Malay psychiatric patients and traditional healers (bomohs).
Our medical responsibility to the Third World.
Psychiatric patients who seek traditional healers in Singapore.
Treatment of short segment aganglionosis of rectum by combining surgery with traditional Chinese medicine (author's transl)
Medullary carcinoma of the thyroid. Observation of a case
Experimental research on the effect of electro-acupuncture on reparative processes
Electro-acupuncture and trophic ulcer
Evolution of experimental ulcers under treatment with electro-acupuncture
Validity of reflexo-anesthesia in the surgical field. Results in 105 clinical applications
Recent acquisitions in reflexo-anesthesia
The importance of the metamere in the interpretation of the therapeutic results obtained with acupuncture. Elaboration of the dermatoneuromeric theory and critical comment
Acupuncture and labor
Holistic medicine: reactivation of an old aspiration.
Holistic medicine and unscientific cults.
Studies on the analysis of anthraquinone derivatives of Chinese medicinal herbs. I. Separation and determination of constituents of Chinese rhubarb (author's transl)
Of blood and babies: the relationship of popular Islamic physiology to fertility.
Asrama: an Islamic psychiatric institution in West Java.
The use of herbs as anticancer agents.
Many ways to health: a study of 2,000 rural and urban Taiwan families.
Effects of acupuncture on the citrate and glucose metabolism in the liver under various types of stress.
Neurophysiological demonstration of an acupuncture point in man.
Therapeutic acupuncture for sensori-neural deafness.
Morbidity pattern and source of first contact care in rural underfive children.
The external ear--the electrical aspects in relation to acupuncture--a preliminary report.
The effect of electroacupuncture of different frequencies on acetylcholine content of fluid perfused from the muscles at the acupuncture point
Evaluation of antibacterial properties of marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis L.) and mother homeopathic tinctures of C. officinalis L. and C. arvensis L. (author's transl)
The authors' experience with the treatment of dysmenorrhoea by means of acupuncture (author's transl)
Modern medicine and the "curandero"
Naeng: a Korean folk illness, its ethnography and its epidemiology.
Mechanism, points, advantages and disadvantages of acupuncture in dentistry
Primary health care programs in Latin America
Navajo Indian medicine: implications for healing.
Chiropractic: recognized but unproved.
Chiropractic: recognized but unproved.
Chiropractic: recognized but unproved.
Chiropractic: recognized but unproved.
Chiropractic: recognized but unproved.
Design in studies of "irreversible" treatments.
Chiropractic in from the cold?
Sounding board. The future of chiropractic.
The sociocultural dynamics of mass hysteria: a case study of social conflict in West Malaysia.
Impressions from a study tour of China
Change in the structure of night sleep in agrypnic syndrome patients under the influence of reflexotherapy
A Sioux medicine man describes his own illness and approaching death.
Protective effect of plant sterols against chemically induced colon tumors in rats.
The flight from science.
Acupuncture and possible hepatitis B infection.
Antismoking acupuncture. Short-term results of a double-blind comparative study
Pathophysiological aspects of the therapy of spasmodic torticollis
Chiropractic: professional controversy and public policy.
Does chiropractic utilization substitute for less available medical services?
Chiropractic and the NHS.
Relief of dental pain by ice massage of the hand.
The navajo patient. Illimination of cultural differences.
Yoruba traditional bonesetters: the practice of orthopaedics in a primitive setting in Nigeria.
Symposium on the "Possibilities of use of acupuncture and electroacupuncture in anesthesiology-resuscitation and therapy of pain". Rapallo, 14--15 October 1978
Cross-cultural aspects of pregnancy and breast feeding.
The significance of garlic and garlic preparations in phytotherapy
Traditional medicine and its practitioners among the Yoruba of Nigeria: a classification.
Some reactions to illness of urban black and indian families in Durban. A summary of an exploratory study.
Phytotherapy in cardiological general practice. Crossed double-blind study with a plant preparation
Plasma hormones and lipids in men at different risk for coronary heart disease.
Nutritional osteomalacia.
Acupuncture in treating early pregnancy toxicoses
Psychopathology and shamanism in rural Mexico: a case study of spirit possession.
Primary health care in Ubon refugee camp.
Pseudobattered child syndrome in Vietnamese immigrant children.
Oral metallic mercury. A folk medicine remedy for gastroenteritis.
Many medicines in one: curing in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.
Movement among healers in Sri Lanka: a case study of a Sinhalese patient.
Traditional medicine: past growth and future development in East Africa.
Holistic medicine, wellness, and family medicine.
Vertebral-basilar distribution infarction following chiropractic cervical manipulation.
More on chiropractic.
More on chiropractic.
Muscular tensions of the back studied with telethermography: changes induced with static measures and auricular acupuncture. Preliminary report
Comparative study of combined acupuncture anesthesia (CAA) and traditional general anesthesia (TGA). 32 cases of thoracic surgical operations
Acupuncture analgesia in gynecologic surgery. Personal experience
Endplate potentials, chemical mediators, acupuncture inparaplegia
Vertigo and auriculotherapy
Basic principles in homeopathic therapy and limits of phytotherapy
Reflexotherapy in bronchial asthma
Acupuncture of the pinna in the pain syndrome of the lumbosacral region
Holistic medicine for neurosurgeons.
Electroacupuncture inhibition of nociceptive responses in the caudal trigeminal nucleus
Herbal-enema colitis and stricture.
Change in the electrodermal resistance at biologically active points as an index of the functional state of the body in animals
Thermoelectric needle probe for temperature measurements in biological materials.
Possession, prayer, and testimony: therapeutic aspects of the Wednesday night meeting in a Black church.
Acupuncture in the overall treatment of sympathalgias
Acupuncture reflexotherapy in bronchial asthma and other respiratory allergoses in children
Holistic medicine--a personal approach.
Diet, lifestyle, and menstrual activity.
Foxglove tea poisoning.
Enzymatic activity in the blood of pregnant women undergoing acupuncture treatment in threatened abortion
Enzymatic activity in the erythrocytes in threatened abortion and in acupuncture treatment
Traditional treatment for mental illness in Africa: a review.
Mental age and I.Q. of predominantly vegetarian children.
Cortical bone density of adult lacto-ovo-vegetarian and omnivorous women.
Nutritional status of "new" vegetarians.
Preschool vegetarian children. Dietary and anthropometric data.
Position Paper on the vegetarian approach to eating.
Chinese eye exercises.
Use of an acupuncture method in endoscopic practice
Acupuncture in psychiatric therapy
The future of chiropractic.
The future of chiropractic.
The future of chiropractic.
The future of chiropractic.
The future of chiropractic.
Electroacupuncture in obstetrics and gynecology
Return to the U.K. after two years of anthropological field work in the Andes.
The management of early pregnancy: Colombian folk concepts of fertility control.
Reification and the consciousness of the patient.
The utilization of traditional medicine--a Malaysian example.
Problems in the definition and classification of medical systems.
Problems in designing and implementing culturally relevant mental health services for Latinos in the U.S.
Traditional and Western health care among the Zuni Indians of New Mexico.
Childhood convulsions in the tropics.
The use of acupuncture in ophthalmology.
Effects of acupuncture on adrenocortical hormone production. (II) Effect of acupuncture on the response of adrenocortical hormone production to stress.
Anatomical findings at acupuncture loci.
Impressions of neurology and neurosurgery in the People's Republic of China.
Certain problems in the autonomic innervation of acupuncture zones of human skin
Drug metabolism in white vegetarians.
Treatment of vomitus matutinus and emesis gravidarum by acupuncture in clinical practice
The modernization of Chinese traditional medicine.
Urban traditional medicine: a Nairobi case-study.
Effects of bergenin on experimental ulcers--prevention of stress induced ulcers in rats.
Deception and self-deception in shamanism and psychiatry.
The effects of ethnicity and education on attitudes toward mental illness in Southern Nigeria.
Effects of Chinese herb, Huang Chin (Scutellaria baicalensis George) on thermoregulation in rats.
Treatment of obliterating endarteritis by acupuncture reflexotherapy
Acupuncture reflexotherapy in the rehabilitation of patients with radiation fibrosis and secondary neuritis
Experience in using electroacupuncture with children in orthopedic and traumatologic practice
An experimental evaluation of auricular diagnosis: the somatotopic mapping or musculoskeletal pain at ear acupuncture points.
A combined treatment with D-amino acids and electroacupuncture produces a greater analgesia than either treatment alone; naloxone reverses these effects.
High versus low intensity acupuncture analgesia for treatment of chronic pain: effects on platelet serotonin.
Vegetarianism and breast-feeding.
Unsuspected nutritional rickets.
Dietary goals, sensible eating and nutrition in the future.
Changing patterns in psychiatry in Africa: With special reference to Southern Africa.
Effectiveness of anesthesia in the early postoperative period
Photopuncture in the overall treatment of pregnancy nephropathy
Anesthesia in plastic vaginal operations by means of acupuncture
Naturopathy time for re-evaluation?
Medical ethnography from the viewpoint of medical science
Hyper-tension: a folk illness with a medical name.
Phytotherapy of functional stomach diseases
Traditional midwives and family planning.
An anthropological perspective on medical knowledge.
Why not reconsider homoeopathy?
From the classroom to the community: teaching primary health workers.
Phytotherapy in the Subequana Valley, Abruzzo, central Italy.
Herbal medicine on Mauritius.
Phototoxic and antibiotic activities of plants of the Asteraceae used in folk medicine.
Homeopathy is anthropologic medicine
Some remarks on Pityriasis versicolor and its treatment in Liberia (West-Africa).
Complications of acupuncture
The therapeutic value of acupuncture
Acupuncture in headache and radicular syndromes
Are chiropractic services "medical services"?
Assessing menstrual regulation performed by paramedics in rural Bangladesh.
Acupuncture reflexotherapy in functional dysphonias
Use of a reflex acupuncture therapy method in the practical treatment of dermatologic patients
Use of acupuncture in modern health care.
Mexican Americans and mental health: a selected review and recommendations for mental health service delivery.
The feasibility of dental strontium analysis for diet-assessment of human populations.
Acute renal failure from herbal and patent remedies in Blacks.
Survey on the effect of Chinese traditional treatment on the remittent period of chronic cor pulmonale (author's transl)
Therapy of severe epithelial dysplasia of esophagus. I. Therapeutic effects of Antitumor B III, Antitumor B and tilorone (author's transl)
A spectrophotometric assay of blood porphyrins in Punjabis--a pilot study.
Suppression of anaphylactic reactions in guinea pigs by previous treatment with ragweed aerosol.
Clinical studies of a purified timothy pollen extract. Desensitization therapy with a purified timothy pollen preparation compared to a crude timothy pollen extract. I. Results of tests in vivo.
Size, obesity, and leanness in vegetarian preschool children.
Health and health care in the People's Republic of China. Part 3.
Mexican-American folk medicine: implications for the family physician.
Vertebrobasilar injuries following cervical manipulation.
Deaths related to coffee enemas.
Electroacupuncture suppresses the cortical evoked responses in somatosensory I and II areas after tooth pulp stimulation in rat.
Maya medicinal plants of San Jose Succotz, Belize.
New Zealand inquiry into chiropractic.
New Zealand inquiry into chiropractic.
Intermittent priapism
Critical arguments on acupuncture
Megaloblastic anaemia in a vegetarian.
Biochemical and haematological variables in vegetarians.
Lipids and vegetarians.
Acupuncture and postherpetic neuralgia.
Acupuncture and postherpetic neuralgia.
The effect of hypophysectomy on acupuncture analgesia in the mouse.
The Schnitzer diet as basic therapy for diabetes
Acupuncture moxibustion and acupuncture anaesthesia.
Acupuncture analgesia and cesarean section.
The far-away look.
What we don't know about pain.
Chiropractic method for ambulatory treatment of the acute manifestations of cervical osteochondrosis
Some aspects of Yoruba traditional healers and their practice.
Psychosis in a peasant society: social outcomes.
An Indochinese refugee psychiatric clinic: culturally accepted treatment approaches.
Reflexotherapy of pelvic autonomic ganglioneuritis
The clinical pharmacology of a herbal asthma cigarette.
The effect of 3-methylhistidine in food on its urinary excretion in man.
Antenatal care as practised by Yoruba traditional healers/midwives of Nigeria.
Zinc and copper content of foods used in vegetarian diets.
Zinc status of vegetarians.
Chinese ocular acupuncture.
Modernization of native healers: implications for health care delivery in Ghana.
Cao Gío (coin rubbing). Vietnamese attitudes toward health care.
An attempt in tissue culture at preventing and treating the collagen fiber formation of liver cells.
Effect of auricular acupuncture on the organization of night sleep
EEG evaluation of patients undergoing extracorporeal circulation under analgesic and electrohypoalgesia with auricular acupuncture
Haemostatic variables in vegetarians and non-vegetarians.
Marginal dietary patterns
Physiological bases of pain and reflex anesthesia
Contamination of herbs - components of herbal powders - with organochlorine insecticides
Relations between patients with functional pain and personal assessment (author's transl)
Morphine and electroacupuncture: comparison of the effects on the cortical evoked responses after tooth pulp stimulation in rats.
Vegetarianism, veganism and nutrition
An exploration of the dimensions of illness behavior.
Amyloidosis in leprosy.
Medicinal and toxic plants from Equatorial Africa: a pharmacologic approach.
The present status of knowledge of the plants used in traditional medicine in Western Africa: a medical approach and a chemical evaluation.
Problems involved in structure determination of active principles of plants used in traditional medicine: extraction, separation and determination of characteristics of active principles.
Active principles of plants of traditional medicine as models of new drugs.
New antitumor drugs from plants.
Evaluation of local resources in traditional medicine.
Medicinal plants and industry.
The development of pharmacological and chemical research for application to traditional medicine in developing countries.
Organization and cooperation for the development of studies on plants used in traditional medicine: some guidelines for research and studies.
Some questions about the future of traditional medicine in developing countries.
An anthropological approach: the problem of plants in traditional medicine.
Perspectives in research on the active principles of traditional herbal medicine. A botanical approach: identification and supply of herbs.
Evoked potential assessment of acupunctural analgesia: attempted reversal with naloxone.
Local electrical stimulation: effective needling points for suppressing jaw opening reflex in rat.
Herbal teas and toxins: novel aspects of pyrrolizidine poisoning in the United States.
The idea of medicalization: an anthropological perspective.
Biological therapy of idiopathic hypertension
Enkephalin involvement in acupuncture analgesia-radioimmunoassay.
Urban and rural medical systems in Pakistan.
Dilemmas in anesthesiology
Studies on pharmacological actions of Saussurea involucrata Kar et Kir ex Maxim (author's transl)
Psychiatry in Kenya: yesterday, today and tomorrow.. An overview.
Change in the evoked activity in the median center of the thalamus during stimulation of the dorsal raphe nucleus and acupuncture points
Traditional medicine. A world survey on medicinal plants and herbs.
Traditional medicine in health care.
Present state of knowledge and research on the plants used in traditional medicine in Somalia.
Plants used in traditional medicine in West Africa.
Plants used in traditional medicine in lower Zambesia.
Plants in Ethiopian traditional medicine.
Traditional medicine in Latin America, with particular reference to Mexico.
Medicinal plants in Colombia.
Plants in traditional medicine in Brazil.
Present aspects of the use of plants in traditional medicine.
Some current study and research approaches relating to the use of plants in the traditional Chinese medicine.
Application of herbal drugs to health care in Japan.
The traditional system on medicine in Sri Lanka.
Promotion and development of research in traditional medicine: the WHO role in countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region.
The knowledge of medicinal plants in Africa today.
Acupuncture and its place in modern medicine
Reflexotherapy of patients with hypertension in the biotron
Pharmacological and toxicological aspects of phytotherapy. Information on the scientific phytotherapy
Training folk practitioners as PHWs in rural India.
Some major obstacles to the practice of sound nutrition in Nigeria.
Screening of Venezuelan poisonous plants for anticancer compounds. I--Comparison between carcinostatic activity on animal tumours and inhibition of protein and nucleic acid synthesis in cell incubations.
Psychiatric significance of holistic medicine: a psychosomatic (and psychotherapeutic) department. II. The 3-way flow: clinician-teacher-researcher
Acupuncture is not always acupuncture
Postoperative hypalgesia following electrostimulation -- anaesthesia by stimulation of typical acupuncture points (author's transl)
Electroacupuncture suppression of the rat jaw opening response after stimulating the caudal spinal trigeminal nucleus.
Acupuncture and its possibilities in gynecology and obstetrics
The influence of low frequency acupuncture on a demand pacemaker.
Stress urinary incontinence in the female (analysis of 116 cases (author's transl)
Scientific aspects of acupuncture.
Examples of the clinical use of acupuncture.
The combination of scalp and body acupuncture.
The role of acupuncture in physical medicine
The history of acupuncture, Kemperaria (Hari = needle; Chiryo: treatment) Kemper, Doctor in Medicine, 1651-1717 (Longo. County of Lippe, Westphalia)
Electroacupuncture in the treatment of pain using peripheral electrostimulation

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