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[Psychophysiological studies in the pre-school children]

Author(s): von Braun, G. S., Ziegelmayer, G.

Journal/Book: Fortschr Med. 1976; 94: 1641-8.

Abstract: The behavior of 24 children, aged 3-6 years, was recorded on video-tape. Simultaneously the ECG was recorded telemetrically. These observations were made during two pre-school educational programs lasting 90 minutes each: "Didactic games" and "Elementary music and movement program". For each child a scale was developed to show the correlation of mean heart- rate and well defined motor-activity. It was evident that the mean heart-rate was higher during the music program than during the didactic program, corresponding to the higher motor-activity. But it was found that in the didactic program the variation of the heart-rate within short intervals was higher due to the more frequent occurrence of respiratory arrhythmias. It was also seen that during the music program the children showed no signs of exertion as they did towards the end of the didactic program. Respiratory arrhythmias were not seen in children who according to the Schellong- test were classified as stable in their cardiovascular system. The arrhythmias occurred mainly when the children showed signs of fatigue.

Keyword(s): Child Psychology|. Heart Rate|. Motor Activity|

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