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June 2024

Fantasy and musicotherapy in depressive states

Journal/Book: Vie medicale au Canada francais. 1976; 5: 1047-1050.

Abstract: Discusses the use of musicotherapy and fantasy in the treatment of depressive states, giving examples of musical works and instructions to Ss to facilitate their mental imagery within the treatment. Results include the following: (a) These musical "motifs" appear to constitute an effective antidote when they are automatically recalled at the beginning of a major depression. (b) Several Ss reduced their psychotropic medication considerably and were more willing to face their everyday problems. (c) Psychomotor agitation was less evident and more controllable. (d) Greater resolution and expansivity were almost always noted. Although these are preliminary reports from a small sample of patients, it is considered that they demonstrate the validity of this method. (31 ref)

Note: fantasy & musicotherapy; depressive states

Keyword(s): Music therapy; imagination ; depression emotion

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