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June 2024

Bilateral EEG differentiation of stimuli

Author(s): Gale, A.

Journal/Book: Biol Psychol. 1976; 4: 185-96.

Abstract: The EEG of both right and left hemispheres was monitored while subjects were presented with words, music, arithmetical problems and abstract pictures, (15 trials of each treatment, 9 sec per trial). The left side of the brain was most activated during presentation of words and arithmetic, whilst the right side of the brain was most activated during presentation of music. In addition, the right side was more activated during exposure to arithmetic than to words. The pictures were not differentiated by either side of the brain and it is possible that they had the effect of deactivating or relaxing subjects, since they yielded high abundance values compared with other stimuli. This study confirms earlier findings showing significant between-hemisphere ratios for arithmetic and words. In addition, however, the within-hemisphere analyses show that music affects the right hemisphere (without inducing between-hemisphere changes) and that arithmetic also activates the right hemisphere if compared with the non-activating effects of words.

Keyword(s): Auditory Perception|PH. Electroencephalography|. Laterality|PH. Visual Perception|PH

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