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June 2024

Musicotherapy applied to alcoholic patients

Author(s): Lecours, Edith

Journal/Book: Vie medicale au Canada francais. 1976; 5: 1051-1052, 1063-1068.

Abstract: Discusses the socioeconomic context of alcoholism, the psychopathology, the pathological consequences, the methods of treatment, and the personality of the alcoholic. Music is used as a therapeutic mediator which facilitates communication. The parallels between music and alcohol are examined (e.g., location of use, source of pleasure, and anesthetic against disagreeable sensations).

Note: musicotherapy & socioeconomic context of alcoholism & psychopathology & pathological consequences & personality; alcoholic patients

Keyword(s): Music therapy; alcoholism ; socioeconomic status; psychopathology ; personality traits

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