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June 2024

Art psychotherapy: The treatment of choice for a six-year-old boy with a transsexual syndrome

Journal/Book: Art Psychotherapy. 1976; 3: 55-67.

Abstract: Presents the case history of a 6-yr-old boy whose behavior corresponded to that described as typical of adult male transsexuals during their childhood. The patient was a physically normal male from a disturbed home background where the father was often absent and the mother both accepted and covertly approved the boy's feminine behavior. The use of art psychotherapy in this case is described. Treatment included the involvement of both parents in the therapeutic program, and the use of a female therapist as a female role model who would not give the patient messages approving his feminine behavior.

Note: art psychotherapy; 6 yr old male with transsexual syndrome

Keyword(s): Case report; transsexualism ; human females; art therapy; school age children

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