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June 2024

A group experience for elderly patients with organic brain syndrome

Journal/Book: Health and Social Work. 1976; 1: 61-69.

Abstract: Describes a program for elderly patients and their relatives (61-80 yrs old) conducted at a community mental health center. Patients had been brought to clinic by relatives who reported the patients' symptoms of memory loss, confusion, and patterns of wandering behavior, as well as their own concern about patients' tendency to spend much time talking about the past. After receiving a diagnosis of organic brain syndrome, all patients had been placed on medication consisting of a small dose of a major tranquilizer. Three kinds of experience offered in group meetings are described: (a) exercises, (b) group interaction through psychodrama techniques with special attention given to reminiscing, and (c) socialization. Observations that may be helpful in future program development for such patients note the importance of music in the program, group composition, and the use of chemotherapy.

Note: group experience employing exercise & psychodrama & socialization at community mental health center; 61 80 yr old organic brain syndrome patients & relatives

Keyword(s): Community mental health centers; group participation; exercise ; psychodrama ; socialization ; geriatric patients; family members; organic brain syndromes; mental health programs

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