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June 2024

The amino acid sequence of wheat beta-purothionin.

Journal/Book: Can.J.Biochem. 22 (10), 835-842. 1976;

Abstract: The complete amino acid sequence of beta-purothionin, a low molecularweight, very basic, protein isolated from wheat endosperm material, hasbeen determined. beta-purothionin is toxic to some bacteria, to yeasts,and to animals when injected. The protein contains 45 amino acidresidues and has a molecular weight of 4913. The 8 cysteine and 10 basicresidues are distributed throughout the molecule. The primary structureof the protein shows considerable homology to those of the viscotoxins,which are toxic, small, basic proteins found in the leaves and stems ofEuropean mistletoe (Viscum album L.). Author.


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