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June 2024

Liver Protection by Silymarin: In vitro Effect on Dissociated Rat Hepatocytes

Author(s): Meldolesi, J.

Journal/Book: Arzneim-Forsch/Drug Res. 1976; 26: 69-73.

Abstract: Cells pre-incubated with the drug at a concentration of 10-4 M were found to be entirely resistant or relatively little affected when exposed to hypotonic solutions which have a lethal effect an a considerable proportion of the control liver cells, as shown by the determination in the cell preparations (I) of the proportion of trypan blue-positive (broken) cells, (2) of the protein synthesizing capacity. The protection was reduced but not abolished upon removal of the drug and cell washing. A smaller effect was observed with a drug concentration of 10-5 M. At 10-6 M the effect was no longer detectable. Chlorpromazine, a drug which belongs to the group of the so called "unspecific membrane stabilizers", was without effect in this test.

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