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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1972

Legends and observations on health and medicine among common people in ancient India. Gleanings from Chinese travellers in India (In V & VI centuries).
Popular beliefs and practices relating to health and medicine in VII century A. D.
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Home medication on the American frontier (1804).
A medicine-man's implements and plants in a Tiahuanacoid Tomb in Highland Bolivia.
A persistent paradox.
Turkish and Mongol shamanism in the Middle Ages.
A collection of home remedies: Susanna Weinbach Hoffman, 1742-1803.
Georgia folk medicine.
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Population problems and family planning in Africa.
Family planning in the People's Republic of China: report on first official IPPF visit.
Vegetarianism and drug users.
Acupuncture analgesia in dentistry.
Treatment of patients with some rhythm disorders of the heart with N-propyl-aimaline-bromide
20th-century acupuncture.
Use of acupuncture in major surgery.
Clinical experiences with acupuncture.
Histochemical criteria for the efficacy of combined preparation of thyrotoxicosis patients for surgery
A letter on acupuncture.
Acupuncture analgesia.
Catering for minority-groups.
Acupuncture anaesthesia in China.
The common cold and its management.
The pharmacotherapy of Parkinsonism.
Osler, acupuncture and lumbago.
Backache of the athlete from the chiropractic viewpoint
Etiology of spinal pain. (Vertebral blockade and its manual therapy)
Chinese vs. American acupuncture.
Osler revisited: imperfect acupuncture.
New data on Teutonic medicine
Our heritage.
Some radiological observations on the practice of insertion of charm needles.
Effect of raubasine in treatment of peripheral arterious circulation disorders
Ventricular septal defect: status report for the seventies.
Congenital complete heart block: an international study of the natural history.
Unscientific cultism: "dangerous to your health".
Psychotherapy and progress. Psychological importance of cults and customs
Role of vegetarianism, smoking, and hydroxocobalamin in optic neuritis.
Acupuncture: witchcraft or wizardry?
Some beliefs and practices affecting the health of the aborigines (Orang Asli) of Bukit Lanjan, West Malaysia.
Mechanism of acupunctural anesthesia. The two-gate control theory.
Pindolol, (Visken, LB46). A new treatment for hypertension: report of a multicentric open study.
No complications after i.v. injection of Tavegil and Bellafolin as a mixture syringe
Anesthetic management of patients treated with antihypertensive agents of levodopa.
Medical management of primary hypertension . 3.
Drugs used in the treatment of hypertension. 2.
Effect of cannabis extract, 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol and lysergic acid diethylamide on rat liver enzymes.
Drug therapy in rectal diseases
Role of vasoactive substances in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Traditional medicine and the art of black Africa
China 1971
Manipulation--doctor, layman or physiotherapist?
Ancient Chinese art of acupuncture.
Phytotherapy of common warts and dry corns
Acupuncture in the service of osteopathic medicine: a pathway to comprehensive patient management.
The social psychology of cannabis consumption: myth, mystery and fact.
Ingested pollution.
Inquiry into acupuncture
Senecio species: toxic plants used as food and medicine in the Transkei.
The Voll electro-acupuncture in dentistry
Acupuncture and the delivery of health care in Red China.
Cannabis sativa: the deceptive weed.
Vast number of human pin-cushions' feared from acupuncture fad.
Chiropractic treatment.
Tutu poisoning in an elderly Maori lady.
Homeopathy: its origin, doctrine and fundamentals. What all professionals of the healing art must know
The physiological basis of acupuncture therapy.
Homeopathy in stomatology--science or superstition? Comment and reply to the paper of Dr. K.P. Reinecke: Mode of Action and Indication of the Sepsis Preparations. Dtsch. Stomat. 20 (1970), 266
Acupuncture and auriculotherapy and its applications in the field of dentistry
Acupuncture also in Turin. Validity of an ancient therapeutic method
Chronically recurrent aphthae: dentistry and electroacupuncture.
The instructive case. 6. Edema
Case records of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Weekly clinicopathological exercises. Case 47-1972.
Fundamentals of focal infections
Acupuncture in dentistry.
Nutritional megaloblastic anemia in vegan.
Anecdotal acupuncture.
Problems of tuberculosis management in Sabah.
The major medical importance of focal infections of the head
Behind the bamboo curtain. A British dentist in China.
Treatment of pain in homeopathy
A primer on acupuncture.
The analgesic effect of acupuncture in dentistry (preliminary note)
A dental extraction performed under acupuncture.
Concepts of disease and health in Lappish folklore.
Preventive dentistry through nutritional awareness. IV.
Electromeopathy: an electric chair for therapy. (The opinion of Dr. Carlo Croci)
Neurotropic therapy within the complex of balneologic treatment of coxarthroses
Acupunctural anesthesia, a brilliant example of the combination of Chinese and Western medicine.
Sociocultural influences on vitamin A deficiency in a rural Malay community.
Hemorrhage in homeopathy
Will the delivery of health care be improved by the use of chiropractic services?
Psychiatry in mainland China: history and recent status.
A critique of Thomas S. Szasz's "Myth of Mental Illness".
Finger mutilation and polydaktylia on prehistoric rock pictures in North America
The spreading of cannabinomania (marijuana)
Background of clinical cardiac electrostimulation. V. Direct electrostimulation of heart without thoracotomy.
365 days of "heretical medicine"
Yesterday and today: dentistry in China.
Initial results of therapy with Sigma-Elmedal
Feline acupuncture.
Acupuncture literature.
Patient and physician in eighteenth century England.
Medical traditions in Malaysia.
Effects on humans of 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol administered by smoking.
The treatment of hypertension. Why, when and how.
Homeopathy and classroom medicine. A historical appreciation
A note on the history of medicine.
Report of the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission, 1893-94: a critical review.
Drug therapy of arterial hypertension
Intravenous injection in man of 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol and 11-OH- 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol.
Acupuncture: ancient enigma to East and West.
Excerpts from "An Undelivered and Unorthodox Address".
Anesthesia by acupuncture.
British acupuncture.
Dietary fibre and coronary heart disease.
Therapy of venous congestion
Results of treatment with a new antihypertensive drug. Clinical study in patients with essential and secondary arterial hypertension
Medical management of primary hypertension. 2.
Therapeutic effects of Reparil. Clinical experimental studies and therapeutic observations
Proposed law for the creation of the degree of doctor in chiropraxis
Problems of the immediate postoperative period in orthotopic heart transplant
Pharmacy in medieval Islam and the history of drug addiction.
Cannabinoids in the urine of man after single and subchronic oral doses of marihuana.
Venous reflux disorders
Clinical investigation of a new podophyllum derivative, epipodophyllotoxin, 4'-demethyl-9-(4,6-O-2-thenylidene- -D-glucopyranoside) (NSC-122819), in patients with malignant lymphomas and solid tumors.
Acupuncture "anesthesia"--a new theory and clinical study.
The psychopharmacology of "cannabis sativa": a review.
Behavioral effects of small oral doses of marihuana extract in chimpanzees.
9 -Tetrahydrocannabinol: effects of EEG and behavior of rhesus monkeys.
Koebner phenomenon following acupuncture.
The influence of premedication with narcotics and belladonna on oxygenation in cardiac surgery patients.
Induction of pulmonary aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase by marijuana.
The law and the coffee break.
Marijuana and suggestibility.
Anesthesia by acupuncture.
The art of a native therapist.
Levels of serotonin in the blood and 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid in the urine of patients with ischemic heart disease
Acupuncture analgesia. (Preliminary report on the application of acupuncture within the framework of anesthesiology)
Shamanism: the dawn of a healing profession.
Notes on drugs and therapeutics in the People's Republic of China.
Analysis of a Bantu medical system. A Nyakyusa case-study (Tanzania).
Methods and possibilities of acupuncture and Voll electroacupuncture
The failure of comprehensive health services to serve the urban Chicano.
Stimulating thoughts on stimulation.
Comparative inquiry into ambulatory drug therapy of cardiovascular diseases in various median case-cost analysis
The pattern of drug-taking among drug-dependent South African national servicemen.
Tribal and urban healing with hallucinogenic beverages in Amazonian Peru.
Digoxin radioimmunoassay: sephadex separation of free from antibody-bound digoxin.
The ring test: a quantitative method for assessing the 'cataleptic' effect of cannabis in mice.
Research on 2 plants used in popular medicine in Malagasy: Cussonia bojeri Seem. Araliacea, Dodonaea madagascariensis Radlk. Sapindacea
The destiny of medicine.
Clinical observations of patients who used tetra-hydro cannabinol (T.H.C.) intravenously.
The effect of reserpine and isobarin on the blood coagulation system in patients with hypertensive disease
Amulets and other practices
Disorders of vegetative regulation. Symptoms and therapeutic possibilities
Creatinine clearance studies in normal Indian subjects. A preliminary report.
Changes of the coagulative properties of blood in the treatment of renovascular hypertension in the conditions of the mountain-sea climate
Correspondence: Acupuncture works.
Acupuncture in present-day medicine
Management of benign essential arterial hypertension.
Evaluation of acupuncture in management of gastrointestinal atony following vagotomy.
Susto as an etiological category
Foot ache in osteophytoses--therapy in general practice
Acupuncture as a part of complex balneotherapy in hepatobiliary tract disorders
East meets West. I. Canadian eyes peek across the acupuncture threshold.
Marijuana enhancement of shuttle-box avoidance performance in rats.
Treatment of inflammatory edemas in abdominal surgery
Effect of cardiac glycosides on indices of mediator metabolism in conditions of experimental pathology
Experiences with local forms of Phlebex preparations in blunt traumas and other diseases
Assessment of the effectiveness of treating patients with mitral stenosis and fibrillation with different glycosides according to findings concerning the phase structure of right and left ventricular systole
An analytical, behavioural concept of dagga.
Evaluation of health education in a Tanzanian leprosy scheme.
Treatment of cervical migraine with Venopyronum
Medicine in the People's Republic of China. A progress report.
Acupuncture anesthesia.
Some Navaho attitudes toward available medical care.
Possible renal complications of acupuncture.
Decrease of the longitudinal growth of artificially placed thrombi in the ear vein of the mouse following epicutaneous application of a heparinoid gel
Isolation, structural analysis and synthesis of an antimicrobial substance from Petiveria alliacea L
Teaching medical ethics in Africa.
Urological experimentation with a new solution of active vegetable principles (Schoum solution)
Reserpine for tardive dyskinesia.
Thrombosis of the basilar artery following chiropractic manipulation of the cervical spine
Nigerian needs.
Glimpses of Chinese medicine, 1971: (changes after the cultural revolution).
Vegetarianism: fad, faith, or fact?
Xylocaine--anti-arrhythmic activity, clinical tolerance and hemodynamic repercussions (comparison with ajamline)
What western psychotherapists can learn from witchdoctors.
Chiropractic and health care.
New therapeutic technic in diseases of the efferent bile ducts
Alcohol catabolism in protein deficiency
The relevance of acupuncture.
Changing personal and social behaviour: experiences of health workers in a tribal society.
Mental health programming in a developing country: any relevance elsewhere?
Glimpses of Chinese medicine.
Effect of vitamin B12 administration on ascorbic acid levels in plasma and leucocytes in human subjects.
A psychoanalytic interpretation of Shamanism.
The age of awareness.
Magic in contemporary life and in psychoanalysis.
Complications following chiropractic manipulations
Complications following chiropractic manipulations
Glimpses of neurosurgery in People's Republic of China.
Potentiation of wound infection by adhesive adjuncts.
Traditional medical cures along the Yukon.
Psychiatric study of Shamanism in Taiwan.
Diagnostic X-ray and human pollution.
Haschish in melancholia. 1874.
Ambulatory drug therapy. 1. Retrospective studies on ambulatory antihypertensive drug therapy with special reference to the central therapy recommendations
An unusual cause of petechiae.
Incidence of osteoporosis in vegetarians and omnivores.
Clinical experiences with Lamuran in chronic arterious circulatory disorders and in a case of femoral embolism
Shamanism versus psychiatry in Bali, "Isle of the Gods": some modern implications.
Nutritional value of a vegetarian diet.
Pain inhibition.
Whither medicine in the next five years in Rhodesia?
Distribution patterns of n-alkanes in human liver, urine and sweat.
Susceptibility of myocardial heterotopias to ajmaline bitartrate
Clinical spectrum of the sick sinus syndrome.
Dietary restriction: the new nirvana.
Use of acupuncture for determination of hypnability and an increase in degree of suggestibility
The effect of treating hypertensive patients with isobarin and rauwolfia preparations on the androgenic and glucocorticoid function of the adrenal cortex
Preventive treatment of post-traumatic epilepsy following brain injury. Closing report summarizing results of the research done in the framework of the state research plan for the years 1965-1969; edited by Z. Servit
Acupuncture and body energies.
Appendix: drugless anaesthesia by acupuncture.
Anaesthesia by acupuncture.
Effect of vegetarianism and smoking on vitamin B12, thiocyanate, and folate levels in the blood of normal subjects.
Anaesthesia by acupuncture.
Alcohol and marihuana: a comparison of effects on a temporally controlled operant in humans.
Paranormal phenomenology
Healers and surgical mediums in the Philippines
Impressions of a retired pediatrician on medical education in China. Echos of a journey to the People's Republic of China
The successful outcast.
The African Bantu traditional practice of medicine: some preliminary observations.
East African medical attitudes.
Towards research on health development in Tanzania.
Sociocultural aspects of tuberculosis defaultation: a case study.
Diagnostic clinical criteria and principles of pharmacological emergency therapy of tachyarrhythmias
Practical problems in specific hyposensitization
Needle power. A report and discussion of acupuncture.
Reply to: Blind passion or understanding
Study of some Malagasy medicinal plants
Antihypertensive therapy
Acupuncture anesthesia and medicine in China today.
Basic understanding of acupuncture.
A report of two rare cases of factitious anaemia.
Spinal manipulation and chiropractic.
Morbidity and mortality in mild essential hypertension.
Differences in behavioral responses of male and female rats to marijuana. 1.
This is no humbug--or is it?
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and paroxysmal tachycardia in infants. (Apropos of a case)
The ghost and hoax of chiropractic licensure.
Use of a new drug combination in the therapy of phlebitis
Use of cardiac glycosides in acute myocardial infarct
Essavene in procotology
Effect of conservative treatment on the hemodynamic indices in mitral defects
Medicine in China
Further pharmacologic possibilities in the therapy of phlebopathies of the lower limbs
Medical education in China.
Histamine explanation of acupuncture.
Mass x-ray screening.
Acupuncture and US medicine.
Hypnotism and acupuncture.
Traditional Chinese medicine in the United States.
Acupuncture anesthesia. A case report.
Acupuncture for horses.
Quackery persists.
Marihuana: buyer beware.
Homeopathic therapy
Acupuncture--an eye on the needle.
Circumcision in women
My friends the witchdoctors.
Therapeutics in African folk medicine
Preliminary pharmacological experimental approach to some Ugandan traditional medicines.
The physiological basis of acupuncture therapy.
The cult of acupuncture.
The traditional Shona's attitude to medicine.
The Maori of New Zealand: the kuia, the moko, and the long and happy life.
Marihuana metabolites in urine of man.
Anesthesia by acupuncture.
The cognitive aspect of the therapeutic process.
Psychotherapy, faith healing, and suggestion.
Immunology and nasal mucosa
Incorporation of uridine into ribonucleic acid in rat brain slices after 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabis.

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