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Bibliography — Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — 1967

New England and the medicine men and witch doctors.
Swallow it or rub it on: more mammoth cave remedies.
Not Available.
Indian medicinal herbs and the white man's medicine.
Veratrum and myasthenia gravis.
The specificity of the anti-hyaluronidase developed in beekeepers serum against bee venom hyaluronidase.
The production of tachycardiac arrhythmia through extrasystoles. Mechanism and therapy
Palliative therapy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
On ajmaline treatment of heart rhythm disorders
Synergic action of x-rays and of the ethylhydrazide of podophyllinic acid on a solid isologous tumor of the C3H mouse
Contraindications for manual therapy on the spine
Contribution to the management of lumbar pain syndrome
Induction of herpes simplex virus lesions on rabbit lip mucosa.
Pig-bel--epidemic and sporadic necrotizing enteritis in the highlands of New Guinea.
Influence of the believe in magics on the form of mental disorders in patients from southern Italy
Recent observations on vitamin B 12 deficiency and neurological degeneration in monkeys in captivity
Possibilities of drug therapy of gynecologic malignancies
Hypertension past 60.
The use and abuse of antihypertensive drugs in the aged.
Which hypotensive drug?
The effects of methoserpidine and cyclopenthiazide upon elevated arterial pressure.
The present situation of treatment of hypertension
Principles of hypertension therapy
Diagnosis of digitalis intoxication and its treatment
Oral treatment of heart rhythm disorders with active substance combination, Pulsnorma
Contribution to the research on anti-hypertensive drugs
Combined treatment of late pregnancy toxemias with modern preparations
Health services in Ethiopia.
Experiences with the cytostatic podophyllin therapy
Allergic dermatoses: the role of regional factors observed in Mexico.
The use of Allpyral in the management of 686 allergic patients.
Gastric secretory patterns before and during treatment with 1-hyoscyamine.
Medical aspects of witchcraft practice among the Shona.
Suitability of chemotherapy in early hypertension
Progress in the field of antineoplastic agents
Progress in the field of antineoplastic agents
Pál Almási Balogh (1794-1867)
Hypertension: new developments in research and clinical aspects
On the development and present significance of chiropractic
History of medicine and of hospitals
Rare kidney diseases in pregnancy. I. Nephroticsyndrome in glomerulonephritis and pregnancy
American Indian medicine and the treatment of cancer
Folk medicine in the Urals
On the treatment of chronic polyarthritis with cytostatic agents. I. Combined therapy with trenimon and proresid. Clinical and serological studies
Rhetoric ideas of Nahuatl medicine
Rhetoric ideas of Nahuatl medicine. Official commentary
An overview of ethnopharmacology. Historical survey.
Anti-dysmenorrhea drugs. 17
New possibilities in testing resistance of human carcinoma tissue to cytostatic agents in vivo
Methyclothiazide and deserpidine in the treatment of the elderly hypertensive.
Results of Vietnamese acupuncture seen at the Second Surgical Hospital.
Autonomic system and postoperative thromboembolism in older gynecologic patients
Current treatment of cardiovascular diseases with special reference to long-term therapy
Reflections apropos of 51 cases of ventricular tachycardia in acute myocardial infarct
The chemotherapy of cancer
Smallpox and variolisation in the populations on Bulgarian soil.
Psychiatirc concepts and conditions in the Wapogoro Tribe to Tanganyika.
Magic and healing in the South American Jivaros
Clinical observations of an effective ruminatoric.
Dentistry and electroacupuncture
Homeopathy and acupuncture
Report on chiropractic. The nature of chiropractic.
Homeopathy--isopathic drugs. Possibilities of their use in dentistry in the treatment of periodontoses
A case of facial neuralgia. Clinical observation
Homeopathy and acupuncture, buccal and labial diseases
Homeopathy--infantile diarrhea in general medicine and dentistry: complications during tooth eruption
Disk rupture with cauda equina syndrome after chiropractic adjustment.
Homeopathy and acupuncture. Labial and buccal involvement
Homeopathy and acupuncture: the possibility of their use during vacation
On hashisch, history and effectiveness
Notes on infantile diarrhoea in American Samoa. (A sketch of indigenous theory).
Clinical analysis with proscillaridin
Cancer of the esophagus - treatment by cytostatics SP-G and SP-I. Previous communication
Oral therapy of nasal sinus diseases with a new drug compound
A pilot study of antihypertensive therapy in cerebrovascular disease.
Medicine in China.
Studies of chemical sensitization in the radiotherapy of oral and cervical carcinomas.
Raudixin in experimental and clinical hypertension.
The basic principles of medicine in the primitive mind.
Indications for and experiences in oral anti-arrhythmia therapy of the heart
Phytotherapy of daily occurring gastrointestinal disorders using Gastricholan
Studies on the morphologic effect of cytotoxic drugs on tumor cells.
Anatomy and pathology of the blocked vertebral articulation
On the quantitative mass spectrometry of the normal thallium content in the human organism
Social and economic implications of minority food habits.
The nutritional status of vegans and vegetarians.
Response of the food industry to minority demands.
The chiropractic ambulatory care and its tasks
Development of a complete left bundle-branch block in the WPW syndrome following Ajmaline injection
"Drug addiction-hepatitis"
On ajmaline therapy of heart rhythm disorders
Chiropractic today
Combines cytostatic treatment of malignant tumors. (Clinical histological report of 4 cases)
On the drug therapy of arterial blood circulation disorders
Therapeutic trials with cytostatic drugs in osteodystrophia deformans (Paget)
On the history of dysmelia and etiological theories
Management of secondary muscular torticollis using acupuncture
Report on the clinical testing of Lamuran (I)
Intravenous ajmaline in cardiac arrhytjmias
Chinese acupuncture
Hypnosis and acupuncture. V. Enlightenment in body contacts
Hypnosis and acupuncture. 3
Clinical observations with a new combination of peripheral vasodilating agents
Treatment of essential arterial hypertension by the methyclothiazide-deserpidine
Clinical effect of an equilibrating neuro and cardio sedative drug
Ajmalin in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Clinical contribution to the employment of "Ritmos I.dB" in the therapy of arrhythmias
Psycho-geriatric utilization of a new pharmacologic association with vasodilative and vasosedative effects
Hypnosis and acupuncture
Attitudes to mental health in a sample of Bantu-speaking patients at Baragwanath Hospital, Johannesburg.
Psychiatric views on the West African (Senegal)
New orientation for the study of prehispanic medicine
New orientation for the study of prehispanic medicine. Official commentary
On drug therapy of emphysema and related diseases in more advanced age
The Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. Contribution to the therapeutic study
On external therapy of diseases of the rheumatic type
Changes in the vectorcardiogram under the influence of treatment with rauwolfia preparations
Senegalese pharmacopoeia: catalog of medicinal and toxic plants of Wolof and Serer, augmented by the mention of common and vernacular names, of properties and uses, generally recognized in traditional medicine
Vertebral blockade in orthopedics
Control of phytotherapy extracts in various pharmacopeias. II. Tinctures. General monographs
Drug therapy of hypertension
Hypnosis and acupuncture. II.
What do we mean by "Chinese acupuncture"? VI
Mental health and magic beliefs in changing Africa.
The image of the African medicine-man.
Naturopathy and physical therapy
Comparative results of massive endoxan stoss therapy and treatment of malignant tumors with proresid
The "irritable colon" syndromes
Hypnosis and acupuncture. IV
Clinical experiment with a new hypotensive drug: The dymethylaminoethanol reserpilinate-hydroxybenzthaizide combination
Acupuncture and induced hypnosis. VII
The effects of tissue therapy and vitamin therapy on unconditioned vascular reflexes and intraocular pressure in glaucomatous patients
Treatment of enuresis
Relationship between nerve blocking for pain relief and acupuncure points in oriental medicine
Experience with the internal management of hypostatic and traumatic edemas in ambulatory care
Anthelmintic effect of fern preparations and their action on some liver function tests in man.
Contribution to rug therapy of deafness of the inner ear and tinnitus
Theo-talusin in chronic pulmonary heart disease
Clinical experiences with SP-I
Aescin for the treatment of edema in urology
Effects of the organic layer of hashish smoke extract and preliminary results of its chemical analysis.
On the management of orthostatic dystonia through simultaneous, venous and arterial tonization
On the management of retinal blood circulation disorders due to arteriosclerosis and their sequellae
On the therapy of progressive purpura pigmentosa
Observations and experiences with Theo-Caradrin
Observations on the use of proscillaridin A in some disorders of cardiac rhythm
Clinical analysis with proscilaridine, and proscilaridine a plus theophylline (caradrin and theo-caradrin)
Ancylostoma brasiliensis. 5 cases in a nomad family
On the effect of the oleander glycoside Corrigen (Oleandrin). Clinical studies
Changes in cerebrospinal fluid pressure in closed cranial injuries as related to drug therapy
On the clinical use of proscillaridin A (Sandoscill)
Studies of the effectivity, compatibility and special indication of talusin
Analysis of the action of several cardiac glycosides in decompensation during block of the pedicle of the bundle of His
Conservative therapy of late sequelae of craniocerebral injuries
Proscillaridine A in association with theophylline, ethylcrotylbarbituric acid and mecloxamine in clinical practice
Remedy sequence in a deeply chronic case.
Clinical research with confirmations of the intestinal nosode Sycotic co.
Approaches to the simillimum.
Homeopathy and injuries.
Eponyms: Horton's syndrome.
The therapy of heart rhythm disorders
On the influence of dehydrated drug preparations on cerebrospinal fluid pressure in head-brain injuries
The toxicity of ajmaline in liver-damaged rats
Clinical picture and therapy of hypertension
Considerations on the use of ajmaline in the treatment of atrial fibrillation with cardioversion
Testing of the digitalis-like substances for protective and therapeutic effect against toxic stress of the cardiovascular system in situ
Clinical and respiratory function technical studies of the new drug combination Asthmadyn-R in asthmatic clinical states
Sites of action of gerine diacetate in myasthenia gravis.
Comparative hemodynamic effect of proscillaridin A and strophanthin
Clinical experimentation of a new hypotensive medication. The combination of dimethylaminoethanol reserpilinate-hydrobenzthiazide
Hemodynamic and oxygen transport responses to exercise in hypertensive and normotensive age peers: effects of hypotensive drug treatments.
The origins of the practices of circumcision and subincision among the Australian aborigines..
Human anticancer effect of podophyllum derivatives (SPG and SPI): a preliminary report.
Calculated and analyzed fatty acids in vegetarian diets.
Veratrum alkaloids in the therapy of myasthenia gravis.
Eclampsia 1963-1966. Evaluation of the treatment of 107 cases.
Action mechanism of cytostatic podophyllum derivates
Gastric and hematological abnormalities in a vegan with nutritional vitamin B 12 deficiency: effect of oral vitamin B 12.
Some impressions of childbearing in tropical areas. 3. Outcome of labour.
Nitrogen-balance studies in human subjects on various diets.
A visit to the People's Republic of China.
Blood uric acid level of Indian and western adults and its seasonal variation.
Results of SPI, SPG and combination of radiotherapy in the management of certain tumors
Kinetics of effect levels after hyoscyamine in sustained-release tablets.
The influences of native customs on obstetrics in Nigeria.
Chiropractic, nursing, title XIX issues acted on by 60th Texas legislature.
Psychiatric disorders as recognised by the Shona.
Renal blood flow and glomerular filtration rate during treatment of arterial hypertension
Long-term treatment of hypertension with a preparation combining rauwolfia and bendroflumethiazide.
SPI and SPG in the treatment of advanced malignant lesions.
South African Medical and Dental Council. Relationship between members of the medical profession and chiropractors
A guide to the use of psychoactive agents.
Childbirth among the Lawa people of Northern Thailand.
Traditional Navajo medicine.
Metabolic response of adolescent girls to a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet.
Measles in Nigerian children.
Metabolic balances of copper in patients with hepatolenticular degeneration submitted to vegetarian and mixed diets.
Our observations on the clinical utility of Sedapon
Some Turkish women's attitudes towards swaddling.
Witch doctoring, zar and voodoo: their relation to modern psychiatric treatments.
Premedication in children
Escape from the rat race.
Medicine in present-day Iran and its future tasks
Studies on the possiblity of intravenous administration of ajmalin in ambulatory tratment of bathmotropic arrhythmia
EEG studies of cases with epileptic and intricate somatic manifestations
The psychiatric aspects of the traditional medicine of the British Columbia Coast Indians.
Chiropractors and patients in Kentucky.
Nutritional megaloblastic anaemia in tropical zones.
Pain clinic applying the oriental medicine
On the intravenous treatment of brain-, lung- and fracture edema with an extract of horse-chestnuts
On the therapy of venostasis
Digitalis, strophantin or squill?
Peripheral iridectomy in angle-closure glaucoma: a common complication.
Medicine and chiropractic.
What is homeopathy?
Four infrequently used remedies.
The homeopathic trend in modern medical thought.
Ekbom's syndrome.
In our defense.
Homeopathy and surgery.
Research project--air pollution program.
Further mental protraits of remedies familiar and unfamiliar. 3.
The homeopathic trend in modern medical thought.
The sensitive blood crystallization test in practice.
Amino acid excretion levels following homeopathic therapy.
Evolution of research in homeopathy.
Homeopathy in obstetrics and gynecology.
Sudden prescribing.
Voodoo poisoning in Buffalo, NY.
Antacids in the treatment of peptic ulcer.
Chiropractic in Kentucky.
What next? MSMS urges dispassionate study of chiropractic education.
Role of belladonna and belladonna with ergotamine in I.U.C.D.
Neurologic incidents and accidents due to cervical manipulations (apropos of 3 cases)
Hemagglutination titer changes of pollinosis patients treated with alum-precipitated pyridine ragweed extract.
Plethysmographic investigations in the chirotherapy of vertebral disorders
Badawin medicine.

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